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I miss my privacy. Livejournals are for saying things that don't make sense.

10 May
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Put very simply... :)

I am a kind person and an understanding person and a cooperative person. I am trying to be a strong person, and in many ways I'm succeeding. *puts on dorky hat* I do not like it when people are unkind, passive aggressive and/or unwilling to cooperate. I much like it when people try to understand one another rather than turning immediately antagonistic. We probably have more common ground than we realize. I recognize that language evolves, and I am not afraid to use words and phrases that are relatively new or have taken on new meaning, so remember "skank-baby" is gender-neutral and an affectionate term. I don't post much, and when I do, the entries often disappear. My "girl training" has left me prone to insecurity, but I'm working steadily on overcoming that. I am a vegan, a feminist, and an atheist but I am human first. People within movements like to bicker and dwell on their differences. I feel that's dumb. Don't bicker with me please. :):):) I enjoy discussion but dislike debate. The difference, you ask? In the former, no one has to win. Idea exchange is cool. Antagonism puts up defenses and closes the door on learning :D

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